Attendant Care/Life Skills Coaching, Small Group Care, Medical Advocacy, Supported Employment: Discovery, Job Development and Job Coaching 

Our services include 1:1 attendant care, DSA (small group day support activities), skills coaching and development, activities of daily living, medical advocacy, vocational discovery, job development and job coaching. We are an Oregon State qualified VR provider. On a daily basis our employees serve dozens of clients in the community, supporting them in activities that range from arts to cooking, home care, recreational activities, educational supports and coaching, all aspects of supported employment, extended outing and trips, and everything in between! We strive to include and integrate the people with whom we work in the community and help them form friendships and develop lasting natural supports. We work with every brokerage in the Portland Metro area as well as customers whose cases are managed by Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.

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