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​​"My client and I have worked with Lifesource for over three years. Nyki and the rest of their staff have been such an important part of my client’s life during that time. We are so grateful to have found them. They help my client stay engaged in his community, make friends, try new activities, and explore his interests. When my client expressed interest in finding a volunteer position, they helped him identify the perfect one, and they’ve supported him in that volunteer role ever since. He also wanted to pursue his passion of digital animation – so one of Lifesource’s providers found a local studio where he could make new animations.

They truly care about my clients goals, preferences, and needs. In my role as Personal Agent, there is nothing more satisfying than helping a client find the perfect provider agency and knowing that the client is receiving top-notch supports. And when it comes to high-quality, reliable, and client-centered supports, Lifesource is second to none in my experience."  -- Skyler Whitley, Team Coordinator, Inclusion, Inc.

"Lifesource is a great organization! Lifesource providers are very passionate, creative, and involved. When my customers hire Lifesource to provide services I know their support goals will be met. All of my customers have developed excellent relationships with their providers from Lifesource. I only hope Lifesource will continue to grow so they can provide services to more individuals!" — Esther Hockett, UCP Connections

"The providers at Lifesource Group have been a consistent source of support for all of the people with a range of disabilities, strengths, and needs that I have sent their way. They provide great communication, come up with unique approaches to issues, and have been able to offer my clients the stability that they need in a provider."

— Chris Psota, Independence Northwest

​"My son has been using Lifesource Group for job coaching.  Marc is always there to listen to his needs for his job with a kind, caring ear.  He is also always open to comments and feedback from our family about any concerns.  I would very highly recommend Lifesource Group to anybody. They truly care about my son and his needs and have helped him achieve his goals and thrive at work." — Cindy V.H., ​parent

"The team at Lifesource Group have been one of the most trustworthy Provider Agency’s I’ve had the privilege to work with. I know my customers are getting the highest quality supports possible, with the kind of person-centered approach which drives our industry."
  — John Barrios, UCP Connections

"It has been a pleasure to work with Lifesource Group. As a Case Manager for my customers, it is important that agencies communicate effectively with me regarding billing and progress notes. Marc Roder, [former] Director of Lifesource Group, has always returned phone calls and responded to emails within 24 hours. He also returns the Service Agreement with his signature within 24 hours and sometimes within an hour from me sending it to him. I appreciate doing business with an agency that I do not have to chase down for paperwork.

As a Case Manager, I make it a priority to find the right provider for my customers.  My customer and his family were very happy with Marc as a provider. He advocated for my customer as a Job Coach and helped my customer through a hard time and to make a hard decision about his place of employment. My customer felt a big weight lift because he was able to find the strength through Marc’s support to leave that job. Without Marc’s support and guidance, my customer would likely be working in a job where he was not appreciated by his employer and where he felt like a failure. I believe this agency was well put together and they serve our customers to reach their goals."

— Melissa Bryant, SDRI-PDX

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